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About Me

Brieanna | Female | 18 | Straight | Single

Hello there! And welcome to my page! I'm BrieAnna, but feel free to call me Brie, An, or Spirit. It doesn't matter to me. (Most people call me Brie.) I'm a huge nature lover, and I enjoy drawing, writing, listening to music, and taking photography. I'm generally a very nice person who loves helping out others and making new friends. So please don't be afraid to talk whether it be to chat or if you just need someone to talk to.

Amazing People <3


To-Do List


:bulletblue: = Lineart Complete
:bulletgreen: = Sketch Complete
:bulletred: = Started Sketching
:bulletblack: = Haven't Started

Point Commissions

:bulletblack: :iconyellwolf: Blue Greed by ImpressivegenesisUnpaid ~ Icon by OtomeNishiki
:bulletblack::iconlupawolf1999: Monster Ref Sheet by LupaWolf1999 (growl) Paid ~ Icon by OtomeNishiki
:bulletblack: :iconredghost187:Paid ~ Icon by OtomeNishiki
:bulletblack::iconxsilveradoptsx:Spoops Reference by SilverGALAXlESPaid ~ Icon by OtomeNishiki

Art Trades

Personal Art

:bulletblack: Chapter 1 Cover
:bulletblack: Untamed Destiny Page 4
:bulletgreen: Happiness

They Owe Me

:iconredwolfxlll: Art Trade
:iconxxnightrunxx: Art Trade (Part 1)
:iconxxnightrunxx: Art Trade (Part 2)
:iconhaiyns: Art Trade
:iconfallenfrodo: AT
:iconastawolf: AT
:icontotectripled: Possible Request
:iconnikkkii: Page Doll 3x
:icondarkangelamethyst: AT
:iconaliuh: PC



Out of all my characters, who's your favorite? 

9 deviants said My fursona
5 deviants said Spirit
2 deviants said Kiara
1 deviant said IronHeart
1 deviant said FrostBite
1 deviant said Shira
1 deviant said Other (Comment)
No deviants said Soul
No deviants said Makena / Sly
No deviants said SharpFang

inactive for a bit

Mon Oct 13, 2014, 11:44 PM

Due to personal reasons I won't be very active for the next few weeks. I'm still trying my best to finish up left over commissions and art trades. I'll post them as soon as I can and apologize for the wait. Until then, all art status is closed and replies will be late. 

Art Status

Art Status

EVERYTHING IS CLOSED! Ignore the stamps.
Point Commissions - Open by SweetDukeRequests - Closed by SweetDukeTrades - On Hold by SweetDukeCollaborations - On Hold by SweetDukeNo ACEOs by SweetDukeKiribans - Open by SweetDuke

Featured art from my gallery

Inner Peace by TheWolfFightRain by TheWolfFight
IronHeart by TheWolfFightXxNightrunXx Birthday Gift by TheWolfFight
His Journey by TheWolfFightHer Worries by TheWolfFight100 Theme Challenge - 9: Drowning by TheWolfFight


Q: May I use your art?
A: That depends. Please leave a comment stating why you want to use it. (Unless it's art for you. In that case you're allowed to use it in whichever way you'd like.)

Q: What program do you use?

Q: What tablet do you use?
A: None. I use a mouse.

Q: Can I trace your work?
A: I find tracing an important part of learning how to draw. Therefore, yes, but if you trace my art be sure to give me credit in your description!

Q: Can I recolor your art?
A: No. Use the free lineart.

Q: Can I use your art as a reference?
A: Feel free

Q: Can I use your characters for RP?
A: Absolutely not. Please create your own.

Q: Can I repost your art?
A: If it was a request, gift, commission, or art trade to you then yes. Please give credit and link back to the original art work though!

Q: Can I draw your characters?
A: Go ahead XD

Q: Can I have points?
A: No. I only donate to people who are close friends, or if I'm commissioning someone.

Q: Do you RP?
A: Every now and then but not often.

Q: Can we negotiate your commission prices?
A: Sure

Q: What all do you draw?
A: Obviously wolves, but I'll also draw other animals and anthros.

Q: What do you not draw?
A: Vore, nudity, yiff/sex, mechanical devices

Q: How do you decorate your custom boxes?

Q: How do you change font color?

Q: How do you add gifs to your profile?

Q: This person has a character that looks like yours! (I know that's not a question.)
A: I don't care. Most of my designs aren't very original. Move on.

Q: Aren't species changers just a rip off of shape shifters?
A: I can see why people would say that. Since shape shifters aren't a real thing people can basically make their own definition of it like vampires and werewolves. In my definition shape shifters can only transform into creatures that are "normal" to humans, (like cats and dogs) while species changers are able to transform into those creatures as well as extinct species and fantasy creatures. (like dragons and dinosaurs)

Q: Do you have a youtube channel?

Q: Can we be friends?
A: The best way to become my friend is through comments on my art.

Q:How often do you do kiribans?
A: I do them every 5,000 page view.

Q: About how long does it take for you to finish owed art?
A: I try my best to have it done within 2 weeks.

Q: How often do you do raffles?
A: Every 100 watch

100 Theme Challenge

1: Introduction…
2: Forbidden…
3: Blood…
4: Mother Nature…
5: Night…
7: Holding Hands…
8: Dying…
9: Drowning…
10: Heal…
11: All That I Have…
12: Broken…
13: Rejection…
14: Under The Rain…
15: Snow…
16: Open Fields…
17: War…
18: Cruel…
19: Last Breath…
20: Happiness (Erza)
21: Rescue
22: Tribal (Makena)
23: Water (Fursona)
24: Murder (WhitePaw, SilverMoon)
25: Silence (StoneHeart)
26: Friendship (Special gift)
27: Afterlife (Brave, Aqua)
28: Fire and Ice (Kiara, Shira)
29: Emotions
30: Tears
31: Insane (BloodRose)
32: Two Paths
33: Drunk (Darkness)
34: Out Of Character (Spirit)
35: Suicide (Adelaide)
36: Darkness
37: Magical (Aqua)
38: Lost
39: Mother (WoodFlow)
40: Father (SilverFang)
41: Rape (Breaker, Shira, Kiara)
42: Last Words
43: Hold On
44: Protection
45: Moon
46: Strong Wind
47: Dead
48: Puppy (Howler, SnowFall, Eclipse)
49: Demons (DemonHeart, GraveDigger)
50: Embarrassed
51: Pregnancy (Spirit)
52: Chains
53: What if....
54: Dance
55: Reflection
56: Blush (Adelaide)
57: Abusive (WoodFlow, SilverFang)
58: Trapped
59: Sexy Time (Dark, Dante)
60: Don’t Press The Button (SharpFang)
61: Safe and Sound
62: Guardian Angel
63: Falling Down (NightFall, Spirit)
64: Sacrifice
65: Torture
66: Loser Like Me (SharpFang, Edge)
67: Galaxy
68: Scars
69: Alone
70: Children
71: Black and White
72: Peaceful
73: Jealous
74: It wasn’t Me (SharpFang)
75: Depression
76: Always With You
77: Thin Ice
78: Twins (IronHeart, Spartina)
79: Don’t Leave Me
80: I Hate You (StoneHeart)
81: Cute
82: Rave (Nightmare)
83: Flirt
84: Singing (Adelaide)
85: Laugh
86: Sunshine
87: Ocean
88: Storm
89: Love Triangle (Shira, Oliver, Leo)
90: Run
91: Chase (Chase)
92: Prey
93: Shadows Of The Night
94: Design (Kiara)
95: Warmth
96: Sleep
97: Play
98: Northern Lights
99: Dark Side
100: Creative


Oct 30, 2014
8:38 am
Oct 30, 2014
7:01 am
Oct 30, 2014
2:35 am
Oct 29, 2014
8:32 pm
Oct 29, 2014
5:12 pm


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